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Haulin’ Junk is proud to offer a variety of junk removal services to LA and Ventura Counties.


Haulin’ Junk can save you from spending your weekend doing strenuous, do-it-yourself junk removal. That’s because our full-service junk removal services provide you with a hardworking crew that does all the heavy lifting for you. So if you’re a homeowner or business owner in one of our many service areas, and you’ve got clutter that’s got to go, book online, and we can get started today!


Couches and Recliners
Beds and Mattresses
Office Chairs and Desks
Electronics and TVs
Washers and Dryers
Armoires and Wardrobes
Stoves and Ovens
Clothing and Toys
Barbeque Grills
Construction Debris
Yard Waste
Hot Tubs and Spas
Recyclable Materials
Play Equipment
Treadmills and Weights
General Junk Items
And More!


Fuels and Car Fluids
Herbicides and Pesticides
Biohazard Items
Hazardous or Dangerous Items
Wet Paint
Pressurized Containers

Haulin’ Junk


Haulin’ Junk is committed to reducing the amount of waste we have to take to our local landfills. After all, shouldn’t we want the best for our environment? That’s why we use eco-friendly practices when carrying out our junk removal services, including:

  • Donate – Lightly used household items, such as furniture and appliances, are donated so other people can find use out of them.
  • Recycle Many materials, such as metals, plastics, and glass, have no business being at a landfill when we can recycle them instead.
  • Dispose We reduce waste as much as we can, but anything that simply can’t be donated or recycled is disposed of properly.

San Fernando Valley is important to us. This isn’t just where we work. This is where we live. So let’s protect our little slice of the world together and do what we can to keep it clean. The planet will appreciate it!

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